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Buzon SA - DPH Specifications
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Diameter 150mm; surface support area 175 cm². Head screws directly onto base or coupler if used. 4 different size spacer tabs fit onto head for paver spacing. Lock tab at base to prevent unscrewing. Integral slope corretcor compensates 0% - 5% slope by revolving top.
Successive couplers inserted to increase height as required. Side tabs for fixing of cable stays if required for bracing when over 600mm. Lock tab at base to prevent unscrewing
5mm thick wall, 205mm diameter and load bearing surface of 320 cm². Fix by screw, glue or free-standing
Pedestal heights available:

DPH-0:   - 17mm fixed height
DPH-1:   - 28mm fixed height
DPH-2:   - 35 - 53mm variable height
DPH-3:   - 50 - 78mm variable height
DPH-4:   - 74 - 110mm variable height
DPH-5:   - 100 - 170mm variable height
      ..........   thereafter insert  coupler  
Reverse screw allows finite height adjustment in situ